The Town Jewels - Chalcedony
The Town Jewels -

Blue chalcedony oval drop earrings
Sterling Silver
Price: £24.00
Pink chalcedony oval faceted drop earrings
Sterling Silver stones measure 13 x 10mm.
Price: £10.50
Pink chalcedony round faceted drop earrings
Sterling Silver, stones measure 12mm diameter.
Price: £10.50
Blue chalcedony oval cabochon ring, uk size Q, actual one.
Sterling Silver, stone Measures 18 x 14mm.
Price: £32.00
faceted blue chalcedony chunky ovalring, uk size R 1/2
Sterling Silver, stone measures 20 x 15mm
Price: £54.00
blue chalcedony oval substantial ring with bars, uk size P.
Sterling Silver, stone measures 25x 20mm.
Price: £36.00

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