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Labradorite pearshape pendant, large, blue flashes.
Sterling Silver, no chain. Measures 48 mm in length including bail.Stone measures approx 35 x 25mm. Beautiful colour.
Price: £41.99
Labradorite multistone long oval ring, uk size P.
Sterling Silver Length of ring up finger approx 27mm.
Price: £26.00
Labradorite oblong faceted pendant
Sterling Silver on adjustable chain. 20x 12 mm.
Price: £29.99
Labradorite cabochon square ring, uk size R 1/2.
Sterling Silver, 21 x 19mm,.
Price: £36.00
Labradorite pearshape pendant, , 51mm length including bail.
Sterling Silver,supplied without a chain. Stone measures approx 40 x 33mm.
Price: £53.00
Labradorite cabochon pearshape pendant with wave design
Sterling Silver, without chain. Stone approx 32 x 24mm.
Price: £55.00
Labradorite large oval ring, uk size R 1/2.
Sterling Silver
Price: £39.99
Labradorite round pendant, Sterling Silver.
Pendant measures 35mm in length including the bail. Stone measures 25mm diameter. No chain.
Price: £40.00
Labradorite oval pendant with decorative surround..
Sterling Silver, stone measures 30 x 18mm. Pendant measures 42mm inlcuding bail. Without a chain.
Price: £54.00
Labradorite faceted cushion drop earrings.
Sterling Silver, 12mm.
Price: £22.00
Labradorite faceted cushion pendant on chain.
Sterling Silver, 16/18" adjustable curb chain., stone measures 15mm square. Pouch.
Price: £22.00
Labradorite faceted oval drop earrings.
Sterling Silver, stones measure 16 x 12mm, matching items available.
Price: £26.00
Labradorite faceted oval bracelet,6/8" adjustable.
Sterling Silver, matching items available. Stone measures 16 x 12mm.
Price: £26.00
Labradorite cabochon oval stud earrings,7 x 5mm.
Sterling Silver.
Price: £16.00
Small round cabochon labradorite pendant in hoop.
Sterling Silver, on adjustable curb chain 16/18" length.
Price: £18.00
Labradorite marquise brown / gold pendant. Without chain.
Sterling Silver.
Price: £24.00
labradorite chunky pearshape bracelet
Sterling Silver with T bar fastening. 7 1/2 -8 1/2" adjustable. central stone measures 24 x 14mm, other stones are slightly smaller, and vary slightly. Beautiful colours
Price: £110.00
Labradorite oval cabochon bracelet larger version. Stones 13 x 11mm each.
Solid Sterling Silver, length adjustable 7 3/4 - 8 1/4". Also currently available in rainbow moonstone.
Price: £59.99
Faceted labradorite abstract shapes bracelet
Solid Sterling Silver. Length 7 1/2 -7 3/4". Stones approx. 15 x 18mm.
Price: £52.00
Labradorite oval cabochoon bracelet, smaller stone version.
Solid Sterling Silver, Length 7 3/4 -8 1/4". Stones measure 8 x 6mm.
Price: £31.00

Labradorite abstract faceted ring, uk size L.(smallish)
Sterling Silver, approx 14 x 9mm, approx 3.0g.
Price: £24.99
Labradorite pearshape pendant with scroll.
Sterling Silver, no chain. Stone measures 24 x 16mm.
Price: £34.00
Labradorite round cabochon ring, uk size P, wide.
Sterling Silver, stone 14mm diameter. Will feel tighter, as ring is wide.
Price: £26.00
Labradorite chunky filigree ring, uk size Q.
Sterling Silver, max length up finger 25mm,stone measures 14 x 18mm.
Price: £44.00
Labradorite marquise cabochon ring, uk size L (smallish).
Sterling Silver, stone measures 18 x 9mm.
Price: £29.99
Labradorite long marquise ring, uk sizeQ.
Sterling Silver, stone measures 30 x 12mm.
Price: £39.00

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