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Amethyst faceted oval gemstone bracelet
Stones measure 10 x 8mm. Length 7 1/2 to 8”. Sterling Silver. Gift box.
Price: £84.00
Amethyst crystal point long necklace, 30” chain.
Sterling Silver.
Price: £26.99
Amethyst trilliant cut gemstone ring, UK size P 1/2.
Sterling Silver. Stone measures 10mm each side.
Price: £39.99
Amethyst gemstone oval faceted ring, UK size P 1/2.
Sterling Silver. Stone measures 9 x 7mm.
Price: £26.99
9ct gold amethyst cluster ring, UK size N, VGC, hallmarked 1990.
Maximum width of setting approximately 10mm. Central amethyst measures 4mm.
Price: £79.99
Amethyst pearshape faceted claw set ring, uk size N 1/2.
Sterling Silver, lovely rich colour amethyst gemstone. Stone measures 11 x 8mm.
Price: £32.00
Amethyst faceted oval stud earrings
Sterling Silver, 6 x 5 mm.
Price: £19.00
9ct gold amethyst and diamond ring, UK size M 1/2. Oval.
New, Birmingham hallmarked. Amethyst measures 8 x 6mm. Weight approx 1.6g. Five very small diamond accents on each shoulder.
Price: £127.00
9ct gold amethyst and pearl Victorian style necklace. New.
17", hallmarked. Oval amethyst measures 7 x 5mm. Pearshape amethyst measures 8 x 5mm. Nice quality.
Price: £327.00
Amethysts peardrop earrings, multifaceted with crimped edging.
Sterling Silver
Price: £22.00
Bezel set rich amethyst pearshape ring, uk size P.
Sterling Silver, stone measures 10 x 6mm.
Price: £32.00
Amethyst faceted marquise solitaire ring
Sterling Silver, stone measures 12 x 6mm. Also available in blue topaz.
Price: £22.00
UK ring size:
Amethyst round multifaceted ring, UK size R
Sterling Silver, diameter of stone 11mm, chequerboard faceted.
Price: £28.00
9ct gold amethyst and pearl cluster ring. UK size Q.. New.
Amethyst gemstones measure 3 x 4mm approximately. Birmingham hallmark. Weight of ring approximately 2.8g.
Price: £135.00
9ct gold and amethyst pink tourmaline and amethyst twist ring. UK size K 1/2.
New. Small. Hallmarked.stones measure 3mm each.
Price: £88.00
Amethyst long pear shaped pendant
Sterling Silver, amethyst gemstone measures 20 x 9mm. Adjustable chain.
Price: £36.99
Amethyst pear shaped bezel set solitaire ring, U.K. size P 1/2.
Sterling Silver. Amethyst gemstone measures 12 x 8mm.
Price: £34.99
Amethyst bezel set trillion ring. U.K. size N 1/2.
Sterling Silver, amethyst gemstone measures 8mm each side.
Price: £34.99
Amethyst large oval pendant, 18 x 14mm.
Sterling Silver, no chain. Contains naturally occurring inclusions.
Price: £59.00
Amethyst chequerboard faceted fine oval bracelet
Sterling Silver. 6-8” adjustable length. Stone measures 16 x 12mm. Gift pouch.
Price: £28.00
Amethyst chequerboard faceted oval pendant.
Sterling Silver.matches bracelet above. Stone measures 16 x 12mm. Adjustable solid Sterling Silver curb chain 16/18” length gift pouch.
Price: £21.50
Amethyst multifaceted cushion bracelet
Sterling Silver. 6-8” adjustable length. Stone measures 15mm square. Gift pouch.
Price: £31.00
Amethyst multifaceted cushion pendant
Sterling Silver 15mm square stone. Sterling Silver adjustable curb chain 16/18” length. Gift pouch.
Price: £21.50
9ct gold amethyst oval faceted stud earrings, bezel set.
Stones measure 9 x 7mm. Approximately 1.50CT each. Rich strong colour. Birmingham made and hallmark.
Price: £149.00
Amethyst gemstone gold overlay on solid Sterling Silver bracelet with heart.
Length 7.5”.Stones measure approximately 3mm.
Price: £33.00
Amethyst cabochon oval solid Sterling Silver ring, U.K. size P 1/2.
Stone measures 11 x 9mm. Gift pouch.
Price: £22.99
Amethyst oval cabochon bracelet adjustable 7 3/4 to 8 1/4” (So slightly longer than standard).
Sterling Silver. Each stone measures 13 x 11mm. Gift box.
Price: £59.99
Amethyst round multi faceted drop earrings
Sterling Silver, 9mm stones. Chequerboard faceted.
Price: £20.99
Amethyst and diamond heart pendant on adjustable chain.
Sterling Silver. Heart measures 8mm at widest point. One very tiny small diamond set at top of pendant.
Price: £33.00
Amethyst flower ring, uk size L
Sterling Silver, 1.7g approx, diameter of flower 10mm, Matching pendant below. The diameter of amethyst 3 mm
Price: £19.00
Amethyst blue topaz and Iolite necklace.adjustable length between 16 and 17". Sterling Silver.
Sterling Silver.
Price: £54.00
Amethyst oval cabochon ring, UK size O 1/2.15 x 14mm approx dimensions.
Sterling Silver.
Price: £34.00
Amethyst and diamond cushion pendant and earrings set.
Sterling Silver, adjustable curb chain. Gift box.
Price: £68.00
Amethyst droplet pendant on chain
Sterling Silver, adjustable 16/18" curb chain.
Price: £34.99
Amethyst round dotty ring, Sterling Silver.
Amethyst gemstone measures 7mm.
Price: £18.00
UK size :

Amethyst crystal point pendant 14ct gold
Stone without bail measures 23mm length. Marked 14K 585 inside bail. Without a chain.
Price: £46.00
Amethyst round pendant with Balinese scrollwork.
Sterling Silver. Adjustable solid Sterling Silver curb chain 16/18”. Amethyst measures 8mm. Pendant 24mm length including bail. Matching earrings available.
Price: £34.99
Amethyst Balinese scrollwork drop earrings.
Sterling Silver. Stones measure 8mm. Matching necklace also currently available.
Price: £42.00

Green amethyst (prasiolite) facetedpendant,
Sterling Silver on adjustable chain 16/18". Stone 20 x 10mm. Total length 30mm including bail.
Price: £32.00

Amethyst & pink tourmaline & diamond starburst pendant in 9ct white gold.
New, 2 diamonds in centre. Tourmalines 4mm in length. Amethysts 2mm diameter. 9ct gold 16" curb chain.3.5cm total length of weight approx 4.0g.
Price: £265.00

Amethyst trilliant-cut stud earrings
Sterling Silver, each side approx 6mm.
Price: £12.99


Carved amethyst flower stud earrings
Sterling Silver, approx 16 mm diameter.
Price: £32.99

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